Christodoulos Stylianou

Research Engineer (CyI) | PhD Student (EPCC)

Christodoulos (Chris) Stylianou joined the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) at The Cyprus Institute (CyI) as a Research Engineer for the EuroCC2 Project. He holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (MEng) from Imperial College London, a Masters Degree in High Performance Computing (HPC) with Data Science (MSc) from EPCC at The University of Edinburgh and he is currently in the final stages of his PhD in HPC, Computational & Data Science and Software Engineering at EPCC.

Chris specializes in the area of High Performance Computing and more specifically in Heterogeneous and Distributed Computing, Performance Portability, and the application of Artificial Intelligence in accelerating Sparse Linear Algebra for the next generation hardware architectures.


My research focus is on developing and optimizing sparse linear algebra for efficient high-performance computing. In particular, I am interested in the optimization of Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication (SpMV) on heterogeneous and distributed architectures through automatic format selection using AI. The selection aims to better match the underlying data structure to the computation by better exploiting the hardware characteristics and available resources, offering new optimization opportunities. I also work on performance portability for Multi- and Manycore (GPU) computing with frameworks like Kokkos and SYCL.

Software Projects


Morpheus, is a library of sparse matrix storage formats that is designed for efficient and transparent format switching across architectures without introducing prohibitive overheads at runtime and that, at the same time, enables the straightforward addition of new storage formats without major application code changes.

The library has a functional design which separates the containers that implement the storage formats from the algorithm that implement operations such as multiplication. Each container is aware of the memory space it resides in, and the algorithms require knowledge of the execution space that they will be running in. This design allows Morpheus to target multiple heterogeneous architectures.

Morpheus is a C++ header-only library written in C++17 and makes heavy use of template and meta-programming techniques. Currently supports 6 sparse matrix storage formats (COO, CSR, DIA, ELL, HYB and HDC) and 5 backends (Serial, OpenMP, CUDA, HIP and Kokkos).

Recent Talks & Presentations

Optimizing Sparse Linear Algebra Through Automatic Format Selection and Machine Learning

The Eighteenth International Workshop on Automatic Performance Tuning (iWAPT)

St. Petersburgh, Florida, USA, 2023

Morpheus Unleashed: Fast Cross-Platform SpMV on Emerging Architectures

Cray User Group 2023

Helsinki, Finland, 2023

Exploiting dynamic sparse matrices for performance portable linear algebra operations

2022 International Workshop on Performance, Portability & Productivity in HPC (P3HPC)

Dallas, Texas, USA, 2022


The Cyprus Institute (CyI)
20 Konstantinou Kavafi Street
Aglantzia, Nicosia
Cyprus, 2121
Phone Number
+357 22 208 700
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